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Hey everyone! I know I haven't been active much around here lately due to school and other things but I am here for a few weeks because of Winterbreak c:

Any who. Yes. I have changed my username. Why? Well, as much as I love the name MishkaBonnefoy, I realized that it ties to two things that just don't work for me anymore. 1. People are starting to think my name is Mishka when it really isn't and it's pissing me off a bit and 2. I'm not all that into Hetalia anymore so Bonnefoy has to significant meaning to me anymore.

So! My new username is now SexyMooseQueen! How the hell did I come with that name? Well. 'Sexy' is for the fact that I am who I am and there is no bullshit when it comes to me. What you see is what you get and /that's/ the new sexy. Moose comes from the fact that I am Canadian and that we love our Moose residents. Finally, Queen comes from the love of the band Queen and the fact that I feel I am the baddest beeatch around, making me feel like a Queen.

So! Yeah! SexyMooseQueen is my new name, or you can just call me Moosey c:
Dec 15, 2014
:iconsexymoosequeen:SexyMooseQueen has changed their username (formerly MishkaBonnefoy)
.: Max x Peter OTP challenge - Holding Hands :. by SexyMooseQueen
.: Max x Peter OTP challenge - Holding Hands :.
Holding hands.

Such a simple and easy concept. Kids would do it with their parents while walking across the road or not to get lost. People with strong beliefs would do it in order to protect what they love. Friends would do it to show how strong their friendship was…

Couples would do it because they love each other.

How could something so simple be so difficult for Peter and Max? They were together and yet holding hands was made so complicated for them. There was a level of steps before even considering it. They had made a variety of gloves to be able to and, even then, some gloves were failures, leaving a permanent scar on Peter’s neck. It took many efforts to design a glove for max to wear and took longer to design a glove for Peter to wear. But now, the simple action of holding hands has brought them to a point where they are more than happy to do such a simple action, despite having to wear gloves to do it.

Holding hands.

Is it really an easy concept?


-waves- I'm alive! I swear I am! I've just gotten busy with work and school and so on uvu

But I have been roleplaying /a lot/ on my Peter account and one ship that I have adored ever since I saw the film was Max x Peter (Or Electro x Spiderman).

And then I realized they have no fanart--- So! The OTP Challenge will be a great way for me to get this pairing out there

Hope you like it!
.: Iona Forseth - HTTYD2 :. by SexyMooseQueen
.: Iona Forseth - HTTYD2 :.

I decided to redraw Iona in how she would appear in How To Train Your Dragon 2

I have to say I have improved it a lot hence why I am notifying you the update

And not to forget the info that is attached to her too!


Name: Iona Forseth
Age: 20

Bday: March 5th

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Dark Blue

Dragon: GoldSniffer (Whispering Death)

Family: Dagmar Forseth (Mother)
            SteamLagoon (Scauldron) (Dagmar's dragon) (Female)
            Colborn Forseth (Father)
            Lumburn (Timberjack) (Coldorn's Dragon) (Male)
            Haldorn Forseth (Older Brother)
            LightningStrike (Skrill) (Haldorn's Dragon) (Male)
            Knute Forseth (Older Brother)
            AcidWing (Changewing) (Knute's Dragon) (Male)
            Manning Forseth (Older Brother)
            QuickSilver (Speedstringer) (Manning's Dragon) (Male)
            Gunnar Forseth (Older Brother) (:iconpantherflint:'s Character)
            MoonGlow (NightFury) (Gunnar's Dragon) (Female) (:iconpantherflint:'s Design)
            Osmond Forseth (Older Brother)
            Frills (HubbleGrunt) (Osmond's Dragon) (Female)
            Stelner Forseth (Older Brother)
            Stormed Ashes (Smothering Smokebreath) (Stelner's Dragon) (Female)
            Vernon Forseth (Older Brother)
            Shockwave (Thunderdrum) (Vernon's Dragon) (Male)

Friends: Astrid, Snotlout, Hiccup, Ruffnut, Tuffnut, Fishlegs (in order of 'likeness')

Crush: Snotlout

Likes: Digging underground and finding metals/gems/stones/etc. with GoldSniffer, flying at dawn and dusk, black bear fur, yak meat, working for the family business, making weaponry, dragon racing

Dislikes: Farming, Chickens (bad experience as a kid), vegetables, people dissing GoldSniffer for being a Whispering Death, bathing, being picked on by her older brothers

More info to come later on! Once I post a pic with her and GoldSniffer, I will give you more info on how they met and blah blah blah


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